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Sending a Private Transaction

Sending a Private Transaction

To send a single transaction without having to send it as a bundle, use the sendPrivateTransaction function. This method allows us to process transactions faster and more efficiently than regular bundles. When you send a transaction using this method, we will try to send it to miners over the next 25 blocks (up to, but not past the target block number).

const tx = {
from: wallet.address,
to: wallet.address,
value: "0x42",
gasPrice: BigNumber.from(99).mul(1e9), // 99 gwei
gasLimit: BigNumber.from(21000),
const privateTx = {
transaction: tx,
signer: wallet,
const res = await flashbotsProvider.sendPrivateTransaction(privateTx);

Optionally, you can set the following parameters to fine-tune your submission:

// highest block number your tx can be included in
const maxBlockNumber = (await provider.getBlockNumber()) + 10;
// timestamp for simulations
const minTimestamp = 1645753192;
const res = await flashbotsProvider.sendPrivateTransaction(privateTx, { maxBlockNumber, minTimestamp });