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MEV-Boost in a Nutshell

MEV-Boost is free, open-source, neutral software built with love, for the community. For information on MEV-Boost software and roadmap, see the MEV-Boost Repository.

  1. Connect MEV-Boost to desired network relay URL from the relay list using the commands below. For node operators that have been assigned a unique identifier, replace **<identifier>** with the one assigned.

Flashbots Goerli Relay (without identifier)

./mev-boost -goerli -relays

Flashbots Goerli Relay (with identifier)

./mev-boost -goerli -relays<identifier>

Remember to use the appropriate network flag for the specific network and relay URL, e.g. -mainnet, -kiln, -ropsten, -sepolia or -goerli. You can add multiple relays comma-separated to the -relays flag,

like this: -relays https://relay1,https://relay2

Configure a supported consensus client. Detailed instructions are available on the MEV-boost testing wiki, and guides for connecting the client to mev-boost can be found in the consensus client compatibility table below.

Mainnet Ethical Relay,bloXroute,